Friday, February 14, 2014

Opportunity sits down next to you...

I was flying back to SFO from New York last week and started talking to the passenger seated next to me.  We had a wonderful discussion about soccer and children which made the flight go faster, but he also knew all about my industry.  He came out of the financial services and immediately got our product.  He was then able to introduce me to some potential clients that he knew.  We've already had follow-up and we'll see where the leads go.

It's always interesting to me how sometimes, it's the unexpected encounters which lead to progress, and why introductions/sales is in many ways a numbers game.  We often think of the formal interactions:  conferences, warm intros, friends -- as the only way to.  And, it's easy to shut-off when you feel you're 'off,' but often this would be at the expense of missing a great opportunity.  And, even when it's not a business opportunity, it's fun to get insights into Jose Mourinho's Chelsea FC team!

And yes, I can take a hint too, so I'm not that guy next to you who won't just stop talking if you're trying to sleep....


  1. enjoyed this musing. hope all your flights are as successful.

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